Play Golf At Home For Cheap With This Great Golf Simulator

Play Golf At Home For Cheap With This Great Golf Simulator

Play Golf At Home For Cheap With This Great Golf Simulator

Phigolf WGT Edition features realistic swing metrics and some iconic golf courses to play alongside friends.

$200 Budget Golf Simulator Review – Best Golf Simulator for the Money?

Welcome to the channel! In today’s video we will show you our Rapsodo r- motion golf simulator and will play one hole at Pinehurst Number 2 Golf Course. We will also give you a review of this simulator and see if it is the best simulator for the money. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of our future videos.

How to build your own Golf simulator room ON A BUDGET!

We built our own Golf Simulator room and so could you, in todays video we take a trip to GolfBays to see how much it costs to build your own golf simulator room.

We look at the Garmin R10, Trackman 4, Skytrak, Foresight GC3 launch monitors

You can find Golf Bays at


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How I Built my Dream Home Golf Simulator for Under $7000 Dollars | DIY

All the details on how we built our dream DIY Golf Simulator as cheap as possible (under $7000). As promised, here are all the links to the items that went into the build.

Get the MEVO+ for the lowest possible price using CODE: GOLFBUSTERS10 and our link:

GolfBusters’ Golf Simulator Pricing Breakdown w/ Links:


Foam Tiles for Floor 1″:

Wireless Mouse:

Roku Ultra:

Staples + Staple Gun:

Projector Mount:

Projector ($1200 Now!!!):

PC (Very Similar Specs to mine):

65″ TV:

Golf Bag Organizer:


Coffee Table:

Hitting Strip (DIY):



Battery Pack:


Tarp Clips + Bungees:

Blue Turf AM25:

1 Inch Holes: &_sid=af6292cb7 &_ss=r

Ethernet Cables:

HDMI Cables:

Sound Bar:

Mini Fridge (Not the same but close):

Turf Cutter:

Hole Saw:

Surge Protector:

Construction Adhesive:

Velcro + Carpet Tape:



Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Turf
01:55 – Putting Holes
02:31 – Putting Speed
02:55 – DIY Hitting Strip
03:51 – Foam Tiles Underneath the Turf
04:35 – Vinyl Wall Panels
05:47 – Impact Screen
08:20 – Attaching the Impact Screen
09:30 – Screen Size
10:05 – Balls and Tees
11:07 – Building the Enclosure
11:23 – Mevo+ Simulator
13:00 – Mevo+ Extras
13:55 – Projector
14:25 – GSPro
15:10 – Total Cost for the Entire Simulator
15:52 – Tour + Extras
21:18 – Price Breakdown

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It’s every golfer’s dream to have a home golf simulator, and the good news is that building your own golf simulator doesn’t have to be as hard (or as expensive) as you think.

In this video we’re going to show you how to build a legit home golf simulator complete with a projector and hitting bay for an immersive indoor golf experience!



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